Posted by: manyblessings | 01/25/10

Well that was basically a waste of time

She went with another family. I’m more discouraged than I thought I would be.

Back to the proverbial drawing board.

Posted by: manyblessings | 01/23/10

What a weird day.

It’s an odd feeling to sit across a table from the woman who might be carrying your next child just trying to act normal. We hope to hear something soon. Praying fervently for God’s will to be done.

Posted by: manyblessings | 01/21/10


No, we aren’t matched yet…. BUT we did hear back, and we are meeting with the expectant mother in the aforementioned situation. SATURDAY. Very much looking forward to this with a lot of nervousness and excitement! Now to what I should wear….

Posted by: manyblessings | 01/18/10

Still in the running

We haven’t heard anything definitive about the aforementioned situation, but we heard today we’re still in the running… good sign!

Posted by: manyblessings | 01/14/10

It’s been over a month…

This afternoon when talking with a friend I realized we knew exactly zero about how many times our profile has been shown to expectant women. Not even 20 minutes later I received an e-mail asking me if we were willing to be shown for a specific situation… so who knows how many there were before (our agency does not contact us for every situation, just ones that are outside of the specifications we originally listed), but we will have been shown at least once in the next day or so!

Just knowing that brings some peace. Oh, and this one is a girl. All along we have been saying we’d love to even the teams, so to speak, but a little girl would be wonderful as well. I honestly don’t care. God will give us what we need regardless of what I think anyway.

Posted by: manyblessings | 12/12/09

The profiles have been mailed!

I have been nesting like crazy as if something is going to happen next week… but hey, it could! 🙂

Back to rearranging furniture and doing laundry and sorting clothes and…

Posted by: manyblessings | 12/11/09


We’re sending our profiles anyway. We also asked an additional friend to write a reference letter on our behalf in case the other one we were waiting for doesn’t get there.

Today we had copies of the profile printed at ThatWasEasy… 20 copies, to be exact. Ouch. Color copying and binding, etc. are not cheap. Just FYI. They look super nice, though. I wonder sometimes what people did in this process before we had all of these computer aids, but then I think about how no one exactly expected professional quality from amateurs, so there was probably a lot less stress over what profiles looked like back then. Hm.

We will mail the profiles out tomorrow, and maybe we’ll hear something soon!

Posted by: manyblessings | 12/08/09

Tired of not hearing anything.

We have been waiting to hear that our agency has all of the reference letters necessary, and then I will send them copies of our profile. It’s been very frustrating not hearing anything for over a week now.

I am just not sure anymore if this is going to happen. We keep getting so close only to have another bump in the road. I still believe we’re supposed to adopt, but plenty of times in life people and this world get in the way to stop things from happening that should.


Posted by: manyblessings | 12/02/09

Not picked

and not waiting officially yet. I’m beginning to think absolutely nothing is going to happen now until after the first of the year, and I suppose with the chaos that is the Christmas season that is okay. Still, it’s frustrating….

Posted by: manyblessings | 11/20/09


Not more than an hour after I posted yesterday, I happened to call about an adoption situation I found online only to find out about another one that (no joke) was posted JUST before I called. I reloaded the page, and there it was. 3-month-old baby boy in need of a home after family lost jobs, parents broke up, etc. We submitted our profile, and who knows what will come of it?

Monday I will start the process of having profiles printed for our agency downstate. A couple of reference letters are still making their way to the agency. Hopefully we will finally, officially be waiting as of December 1. 😀

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