Posted by: manyblessings | 09/17/10


Sometimes if I think about race/transracial adoption/our daughter’s future perception of or reaction to either of these too much or too deeply at any one time, I can become very overwhelmed very quickly.

Since the only time I have to think deeply about anything is in the evenings when the children are all asleep, the next time I see our daughter after such thinking sessions is in the morning. Almost instantly, perhaps due partly to my own sleep replenishment, I realize that none of it matters in the here and now. Yes, I acknowledge and proudly proclaim that she is a beautiful African-American girl, that her heritage and life in this country is part of a legacy of people brought here to be enslaved but also part of people who built this country, who lived and worked and died in this country just like my own ancestors. I also acknowledge that we look very different, that people looking at us do not automatically assume she is my daughter, and that this may cause issues for her when she gets older.

But I honestly believe that no matter what questions she poses or issues we face or racism we endure from other people, we will handle it with much prayer. I find solace in the fact that since God brought her into our lives and us into hers, we also believe He will help us deal with whatever comes our way.


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