Posted by: manyblessings | 09/15/10

So much has happened.

All good things, all good things… just so much.

May: cross-country trip
June: trip to New England and decision to move cross-country
August: finalization!!!
September: school starts, house on the market
Today: new birth certificate arrived

And here we are.

I feel as if it’s kind of a lie. A legal lie, but a lie nonetheless. I realized upon rereading it, however, that it nowhere indicates that our daughter was born to us, just that she was born on this date and at this time and weighed this much, and here are her parents’ names. Since we just picked up our son’s BC a couple weeks ago, we realized this is pretty standard. But still! I feel like a fraud. And of course, thankfully we have birth parent information; I would feel pretty uncomfortable with this rewritten history otherwise. Maybe that makes me weird.

But we’re final (YAY!)!!!

And we’re moving (yay!) and going CRAZY in the process.


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