Posted by: manyblessings | 10/23/09

Long time, no blog

Within the past month (and then some) since I last posted, the following have happened:

–We learned that the waiting child mentioned in the last post would be parented by his birth mother.
–We decided to work with an in-state agency and effectively ended communication with the agency in another state.
–My grandmother unexpectedly passed away, so we traveled two states away for a week.
–My husband had a work-related appointment in yet another state, so that was another week away from home.
–We all contracted some nasty cold virus, and I still have it 2-1/2 weeks later. It’s now become a lung infection that requires antibiotics (and I hate them, so if I resort to them, you KNOW it’s bad).
–We were part of an adoption fundraiser for a worthy foundation that helps Christian couples adopt.

That’s about it. But it was plenty!

We had some updated family pictures taken earlier this week, so I hope to have our profile finished by Monday morning so we can order new copies of our profile to send to our new agency.

Maybe we’ll finally be officially waiting to adopt by the first of November!!!


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