Posted by: manyblessings | 08/24/09

The Land of Limbo

I’m old enough now to realize that everyone feels out of place at one time or another and that most people never feel as if they fit in, no matter how much they seem to when you feel as if you are the one on the outside looking in on the group.

But with our adoption always in the back of my mind–when/how it will happen, details, etc.–and with not really knowing what the future holds, I find myself extra-sensitive to life these days. When someone asks if I have plans a couple months in the future, I tend to answer what I know for sure, even as my mind is calculating the possibility that I’ll have something far more pressing than a wedding or a lunch date to attend. I feel as if I am living in the land of limbo. Taking time off from “working” on the adoption does not do much good; I am currently working on drawing up a floorplan that our agency wants, and putting it off has just made me feel like a royal procrastinator.

So here I sit in the Land of Limbo, wondering if, when, and how all of this will happen.


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