Posted by: manyblessings | 05/09/09

The Weekend Dead Zone

I remember back before we had even started this process that a friend who was trying to adopt internationally mentioned how sad she was to see the weekends come. See, weekends mean NO NEW INFORMATION from anyone connected with adoption. They can be pretty depressing. Thursday I had high hopes that we would be licensed by Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is tomorrow. No license yet. ::sigh:: Now there will be no news until Monday morning at the earliest, and who knows how far down the “in” pile our home study is for someone in the state capital. I hope they get it approved quickly; I have heard all it takes is a stamp of approval, that the people down there don’t actually read everything. That eliminates some potential waiting time.

Finishing up the adoption profile today. Going out to buy a scrapbook or binder or something for it today if we can find one for a good price.

Someone told me that I should be writing down thoughts on this baby and our hopes and dreams for him or her. In a way, its difficult to do that when we have literally NO idea how this child will come to us. Still, there are some universal hopes and dreams I have had for all of my children that I will try to write down at a later time when I get a minute. 🙂

Otherwise, all we can do is wait. And pray. 🙂


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