Posted by: manyblessings | 05/06/09


I called our caseworker yesterday and finally got some information on our status. Since she was on vacation last week and the last time we saw anyone was on the afternoon of Friday, April 24, she hadn’t even heard that we were totally finished with the site and safety inspections yet (so I’m glad I called!). She will talk to her supervisor this morning, and from there it should only take a day or two to get everything completed with the state. WOOHOO!

I am putting the finishing touches on our profile to send it out ASAP as there is apparently a need right now for adoptive families who have all of their bureaucratic ducks in a row (which will include us as soon as we hear that we have our silly license). We are excited, nervous, stressed, (did I mention nervous)… and when I say, “we are nervous,” I of course mean that I am nervous. DH is never nervous about this stuff and is thankfully always quite calm and rational about the whole thing. I just pray for wisdom and calm nerves and tell myself that if God wants us to be the new parents of a little baby, He will decide which one and when.


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