Posted by: manyblessings | 04/28/09

Trying to stay positive

Friday we had our last inspection. We passed!!! I was so excited, and since we were heading out of town we were relieved to have that behind us. I was looking forward to hearing that we were licensed sometime this week so I could prepare for the placement of a child with us, which presumably could happen anytime.

Today after a crazy weekend trip halfway across the country and feeling very sleep-deprived, I wanted to contact our caseworker and hoped to find out something about the status of our license. The last site and safety inspection was Friday, so surely something had been mailed off to the state capital by now or… something? Maybe?

No. Nothing has been done. In fact, our cw is on vacation until next Monday. WHY when we had the site and safety on Friday did she not let me know this so that maybe I wouldn’t have my hopes up (since, after all, I was told a couple of weeks ago that once we passed the last site and safety the timeline would be about 24 hours). Now I don’t even know what she was talking about, because the e-mail response I got from someone else at the agency said that there is some meeting that our cw will need to have with the Children’s Services Administrator–whoever that is? maybe the director of the foster-adopt program?–to finish “internally processing” our home study. Is this normal? I get so paranoid at every step that there is going to be so much red tape that we will never get through this, that maybe this isn’t meant to be.

I realize I am not the most important case they have to deal with, but I am incredibly discouraged at how long it takes just to have the home study done. The idea that if I had a couple thousand dollars we would be finished with this by now (and then some) is very frustrating. I am trying not to get too aggravated. SURELY when there are real issues, these people know how to move mountains, right? Blah.

As I wrote elsewhere:

I haven’t been praying for patience recently, honest.

Since we won’t have any placements in the next week, I will be concentrating on finishing up our profile so we can send it out as soon as our licensing is complete. I am trying to stay positive! 🙂


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