Posted by: manyblessings | 04/22/09

I’m beginning to think someone is intentionally ignoring us.

I have tried calling every day since the cw (who is our cw’s immediate superior) and the other cw (who is really strict and does all final site and safety inspections) were here. I have gotten no response. I have tried e-mailing. Again, no response. I am beginning to think I’m being ignored. When the two cws were here at the end of last week, they asked DH why we were in such a hurry. Do they not realize that having your house home study ready 24/7 takes a lot of work with three kids in the house? I mean, I’m sure they’ve seen houses that are cluttered, but that doesn’t mean I want them to think we’re slobs. So we have been keeping it up a lot lately… and that’s great and nice to live in, but it gets stressful when every morning I get my hopes up that this will FINALLY be the day they show up and finish up this portion of our home study, that we will FINALLY be on our way to the state capital to be licensed (which supposedly only takes 24 hours from the time they finish up their last visit).

Of course, the white elephant in the room is that we want to use our home study for a private adoption possibility we have. No particulars or details known yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to be ready. Yet here we sit. We cannot afford a private home study, so as long as our cw was not mistaken, we should be able to use our state stuff… but that, of course, requires getting all of that state stuff once we’re licensed. Who knows when that will be?

I am so discouraged. It feels as if this is never going to happen.



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