Posted by: manyblessings | 11/14/08


Last week we went to the sheriff’s department to get fingerprinted. I talked to the girls about it ahead of time, explained that we would get ink on our fingers, etc., etc.

When we got there we had to wait a few minutes, and then we found out that they only take cash or money order. We had a checkbook and a debit card with us, but not cash. Off to the bank to use the ATM. Fortunately a branch of our bank is right down the road. We got back, waited some more, and then went back to a little room where we were fingerprinted.

E went first, and we found out very quickly that there was no ink involved. Everything is scanned in digitally now. WOW. So cool! Not nearly as fun for the kids as watching us get all inked up would have been, but it was clean at least. 🙂

We were told the fingerprint results/background check would be back to our caseworker within 30 days max.

We decided to hold off on our psych evaluation until after the first of the year. We got a new class schedule today as a few of the classes have been shifted around to accommodate people from the county to our north. As I said before, we’ll try to make up what we need to elsewhere at a later date. I keep telling myself that no matter how long this process takes, we will be matched with the right baby. It’s easy to fret over self-imposed deadlines, but God is in control. 🙂


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