Posted by: manyblessings | 10/02/08

Paving the way

to being thought of as the weirdos of the county.

Not that this is a big surprise.

Our county contact called me back with some answers to questions I have had over the past couple of weeks. There is an Alternative Care form we have to fill out, listing *someone* as a contact that we would use for child care for any foster child(ren) we have in our home. The thing is, we don’t–as a rule–leave our kids home without one of us before they’re a year old or so. Part of this has been necessity as I have nursed all of them; part of it has been our desire to be with them during such a formative time in their lives. It’s not that we don’t want time away from our children as a couple; it’s just that after all of these years, we have found ways to have time away without leaving the house. Does that mean I don’t want a date night right now? Not on your life… but now that N is over a year, we can have a date night guilt-free and I will be okay with that. And should there be another little one added to our family in the future, we will just take him/her along with us. šŸ™‚

So anyway, I explained all of this to the sw a couple of weeks ago, and she basically said no one had ever had this issue before. She wasn’t rude about it or anything, but I felt like a freak. As of returning my phone call yesterday, she said she at the very least needs *someone* down on the books in case something happens to both of us. Given that there is no family in the area, we’ll write down a friend from church who has graciously said she will go through the background check and everything this entails. We are grateful to her, and I know that if something were to happen, she and her husband and adult children could handle all four of our kids until our parents could get here from out of state.

E and N had their physicals yesterday, so that is taken care of for our home study. YAY!

One more part of my Childhood and Family Life Experiences questionnaire to finish. I didn’t really touch it for the last week. E will work on his this weekend.

Only one reference letter has made it to our sw so far. I don’t know what that means. I know that everyone who got a request for a reference letter said they would do it, so hopefully they’ll all write them and send them back soon!


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