Posted by: manyblessings | 09/17/08


The “YAY!” above does NOT refer to the mound of paperwork we received in the mail today. It does, however, refer to the news we received that placing our family profile with a friend will be okay once our foster-adopt home study is done. That is GREAT news. We were really nervous that we would end up having to have a paid home study done in addition to the one conducted by the county. Exciting!

In just the first few pages of the mound of paperwork, we already have a lot of work to do. First up is answering questions for the state’s photo listing website. We already knew about the photo listing site that features children who are available for adoption; apparently there is supposed to be a section for families that social workers around the state can access, but due to a lack of time/resources, it does not actually exist yet. Our social worker was candid with me on the phone today and said that it may never exist, but it’s worth it to fill out the form so that if nothing else, she can produce a flier for our family to mail out to the other counties in the state.


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