Posted by: manyblessings | 09/14/08

A Sweet Request

Last night when I was putting the girls to bed, J’s prayer included the following in the part where she thanked God for her family:

“Thank you for Mommy and Daddy and me and M and N and the other baby who is coming out of someone else’s tummy…”

No, we have no clue when we will have our first placement. We haven’t even started foster classes. She’s just a bit ahead of herself. Of course, prayers for any wee ones–and their families–are and will be appreciated regardless of when their paths cross ours… 🙂

In related news, we are considering submitting a family profile to a woman who helps match birth moms, abandoned children, and children who need homes in general with adoptive families.  I am calling the county tomorrow to find out what, if anything, we’ll need to do beyond the county’s home study requirements to finish an adoption home study and place a profile with this wonderful woman.  It can’t hurt to cover all of our bases, and there is a real need for people who are ready and available *whenever* she needs them.  We could be those people. 

E and I have spoken some on the significance of birth order in our family.  It might seem like something inconsequential, but after having two daughters, our son was the first boy in our family and came to us with all of the expectation and wonder associated with that role.  We would hate to remove that blessing/role/whatever you want to call it from him.  The next child will be loved just as much, but will have a different place in our family, having come to us after a different time of expectation and wonder (especially where his older siblings are concerned–see above). 

We all pray for God’s guidance to the child who needs us most and at the time we are most able to help him.  No child is a mistake.  Every child is a blessing.  Illegitimacy is on the heads of the parents, not the children.  Neglect is the fault of the parents, not the children.  May we provide for a child what he has not yet received or cannot receive from his birth parents.  With this in mind, we know that there will someday be a child who crosses our path and needs us as much as we feel we need him.

Indeed, he will have been “born at the right time.”



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